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Melilea Qinergy Biowave Eye Mask

Melilea Qinergy Biowave Eye Mask

Qinergy Biowave Eye Mask

Product Features:

  1. The soft, flexible QiNERGY Rejuvenating Eye Mask fits comfortably over eyes and face.
  2. Specially designed to prevent light from reaching the eyes when correctly fitted to the face.
  3. The silky outer satin cover slips easily against the pillow. QiNERGY Rejuvenating Eye Mask will always stay in place during sleep.
  4. It’s slim, compact and lightweight. It fits even in the smallest bag and weighs virtually nothing.

Product Benefits:
  • Rejuvenates tired eyes and relieves eye puffiness.
  • Promotes a deep, peaceful and comforting sleep.
  • Reduces fine lines around eyes.
  • Relieves migraine and headaches.
  • Eases symptoms of jet-lag.

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